Q & A with O’Neal Village Homeowners

As an award-winning residential and mixed-use developer, The Randolph Group (TRG Communities) has earned a reputation in the Greater Greenville and Upstate region for creating communities that elevate the value of each home. TRG is a hands-on developer, quite selective with the builder network they employ, as well as overseeing and maintaining strict architectural guidelines throughout each community’s evolution. In addition to managing the homebuilding process, they strategically set aside designated areas in each community for amenities, retail shops, and green space. We recently sat down with a couple who are not only homeowners in O’Neal Village (a TRG Community), but business owners there as well.

Q & A with Guichard & Jessica Ulysse

Q. So tell us, what first attracted you to O’Neal Village?

A. (Jessica) The location. At the time we were working in Spartanburg, living in Greenville, and we wanted something convenient and accessible. O’Neal Village is in Greer, in-between the two and a quick, easy drive to both. The second thing was the fact they had plans for a daycare to be built, which was important to us. So that, along with the amenities and commercial aspect of the community, which included a coffee shop, an eyeglass studio, a church…all of those things factored into our decision. We liked the fact it was such a self-contained village.

Q. Speaking of the commercial component, I understand you guys opened a fine-dining restaurant at O’Neal Village.

A. (Guichard) Yes, that is true. It was a dream of ours to open a restaurant and it’s incredible how it all came together in the community in which we live. The restaurant is called House 509 Bistro & Wine Bar and it has been open since this past November.

Q: I understand it is quite popular already.

A: (Guichard) Yes, we are fortunate. It pretty much stays packed. I think we have a great concept—pairing exceptional cuisine with fine wines. We create a very intimate and sophisticated dining experience that people in the area gravitate to.

Q: That’s great. Tell us some things you like most about O’Neal Village.

A: (Jessica) It is a great community with lots of diversity. People are from all over—and all age groups: younger families and older, just-retired individuals and couples. So it’s a nice mix. And there are so many amenities and features that bring people together: a pool, a gym, a dog park, clubhouse to hold events, and lots of green space. All of this makes it a very open and communal experience for families.

A: (Guichard) Yes, the people are wonderful. And the fact that there was an actual thoughtful concept behind the community. It’s not just a bunch of cookie-cutter houses thrown together. There is distinctive architecture and a quite a variety of home options that all reflect quality. There are Charleston-designed houses like ours, as well as townhomes and single-family homes with multiple plan options. And then the commercial and social components mixed in. It’s all complementary—it fits together well in the overall concept.

Q: You mentioned a sense of real community here. Describe what you mean.

A: (Jessica) There’s always a lot going on and most people here are very active in the community events and seasonal get-togethers. The social programming is a group effort and we have a very active Social Media presence in which everyone is aware of what’s coming up each month.

A: (Guichard) Yes, the whole community plays a part and has bought into this concept. It’s great to see. Memorial Day, Labor Day, and holiday parties here are so much fun. It is a very easy community to meet people and make friends.

Q: What else would you say to people considering O’Neal Village?

A: (Jessica) This is a great value. And homes here are only going to increase in value. The desirable location, along with the overall design and concept, really make O’Neal Village unique. So on top of everything else, I feel this is a very good investment—and that includes our home and the restaurant.

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