When searching for a new home and trying to find just the “right neighborhood” for you remember that you are buying more than a house. You are buying a neighborhood. It takes due diligence to determine a specific neighborhood is right for you even if you locate the house of your dreams.

All too often buyers have regretted buying the “house of the dreams,” only to discover that it was located within a neighborhood of many challenges, drawbacks, and negatives. It is hard to really analyze or assess a neighborhood on 1-3 drive-through inspections. You aren’t going to get a “real feel” for the neighborhood and its culture simply by driving through it. You need to invest some time investigating the neighborhood before you buy it.

Too many couples have found the “home of their dreams,” only to discover it’s located in the neighborhood from hell. Prospective buyers can save themselves a lot of heartache by driving through the neighborhood multiple times on different days at different hours. Spend time getting out of the car and talking to residents or future neighbors.

Is it quiet? Are there kids, or fireworks going off at late hours? Is the garbage pickup really on time and do they separate recycling from garbage? What about the amenities? Have you walked to the pool, or common areas and observed the interactions and activity? Do motorists fly down streets or do they observe the posted speed limits? The best advertisements for a particular neighborhood are the current residents.

Don’t be afraid to stop residents in front of their home, or in the common areas and ask about the quality of life in the development. Current residents are going to be the best word of mouth for the development and they are going to offer opinions that matter.

If you are considering building a house in a neighborhood drive by and observe the contractors on houses similar to yours. Make sure you are comparing the same builder to the property you are considering. Are they neat? Do they observe the developer’s rules for handling clean up and debris? Is there something you observe that concerns you? Then communicate it with the builder’s representative or the developer. If neither respond to your concerns you have an idea of how things are going to be from here on out.

Remember you are the buyer! Meeting you’re agreed upon expectations is incredibly important. Reputable and credible developers want to know if their builders are meeting or exceeding client expectations.

Your house is doing to be your sanctuary, but if the neighborhood is loud, disruptive, or intrusive the home of your dreams just went up in smoke! Buyers need to be very intentional about selecting a neighborhood and home in which to live. Starting with a neighborhood instead of the type of house is a great approach. Once you narrow down the specific neighborhoods you can begin to focus on a specific house and builder.

Are the amenities as promised or advertised? Go inspect them. Check out the pool, dog park, common areas, and exercise facilities. Your realtor can provide access to all of them. Once seen you can make an informed decision about them and their value.

Ask your realtor about neighborhood social events and seasonal gatherings. Are they scheduled, is their an HOA committee that is responsible for them? What do they offer? These are valid questions and developments worth their salt will be happy to provide answers. Asking these questions ahead of purchase/building will be lifesavers in the long run.

O’Neal Village is a “traditionally-designed” or “mixed-use” community on approximately 195 acres in Greer, South Carolina, O’Neal Village is what neighbors call the perfect balance of living, work, and play just minutes from the best of Greenville and the Upstate. Nestled among gently sloping hills, O’Neal Village features a variety of crafted, single-family homes, townhomes, retail, and creative distinct amenities.

O’Neal Village
25 Noble Street
Greer, SC 29652
A TRG Community