People choose to live in a specific neighborhood for many reasons. Among the top reasons are safety, accessibility, schools, amenities, and work commutes. Parents want a safe place for their children to play. Accessibility to retail, doctors, banking, restaurants, and main travel arteries is another reason. They don’t want to live in those areas but want them to be easily accessible. The quality of schools is important to families with children. Some want to be relatively close to their place of employment or have a reasonably trouble-free commute, which means you could live farther away if your commute does not involve high-density traffic patterns versus living in a busy thoroughfare closer to your workplace. Community amenities are among the top reasons homebuyers move into a specific neighborhood. Is there a pool, dog park, greenspace, workout facility, etc., for adults and children to enjoy? This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it hits many of the main reasons we choose to live in certain places. However, there is another intangible reason you should take into consideration.

Is the neighborhood an active community? Are there regular events, seasonal gatherings, and social opportunities built into the life of the community for all ages? Of course, this assumes you find the house or townhome that fits your needs in any community you consider. In newer neighborhoods that have yet to be completely built out, developer support is inextricably tied to the future success of community events and gatherings. Why?

Relatively new neighborhoods are trying to build nest eggs through HOA fees to sponsor or host seasonal, or regular events. When the developer is driving this through the conception and neighborhood design stages it makes a huge difference in successful outcomes for residents. This is an example of an intentional design that gets to quality of life versus just selling lots and homes.

TRG (The Randolph Group) values the quality of life in every community it develops. Serious consideration is given to providing spaces that promote social events, casual gatherings, and help build a sense of authentic community. Supporting HOA’s with a sense of presence and financial support ensures this inherent value gets off the ground early in the build process.

O’Neal Village in Greer, South Carolina is located off South Carolina Hwy. 101 between lakes Robinson and Cunningham it has great access to major retail stores, groceries, leisure, hospitals, charming downtown Greer and is only a short distance from downtown Greenville. However, location is only one positive force in this community gem. It has a strong sense of community built-in to its DNA with regular family-focused activities, events, and gatherings. The neighborhood design includes a generous amount of green space and places that promote natural gatherings and planned events.

Movie night in the summer and fall is popular on the grassy knoll near the community fireplace, the annual Easter Egg hunt for kids, Christmas decoration contests, annual Memorial and Labor Day events at the pool, the annual July 4th fireworks, multiple concerts, food trucks on-site throughout the year, the closing of the pool and the swimming of the dogs, not to mention countless impromptu gatherings of neighbors at the fireplace or other community gathering spots throughout the year. There is a real sense of community in the “Village” as residents refer to O’Neal Village. Pick up basketball games, cookouts and BBQs, Halloween and more all converge to create one of the most desired traits in where you live, a true sense of community, friends and, neighbors.

O’Neal Village in Greer, South Carolina is an example of such a neighborhood. The Randolph Group has given great thought to creating an imaginative community that includes single-family and multi-family residences (Townhomes) and retail. Nothing has been left to chance in the “Village”. Superb amenities, beautiful grounds, and quality craftmanship adorn the grounds easily accessible from Highway 101 and O’Neal Church Road between the lakes and in the shadow of the Foothills.

O’Neal Village
25 Noble Street
Greer, SC 29652
A TRG Community

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