Purchasing a new home is a major financial decision. Let’s assume you’ve narrowed down your list of possible neighborhoods, researched the schools, fire and police protection, accessibility to shopping, work, restaurants, HOA fees, and any restrictions. You may have even secured a letter of credit from a financial institution, or listed your existing home. Now you have to choose a builder.

There is an old saying, “developers develop and builders build”. However, wise developers vet their builders and subsequent subcontractors. They know their development is only as strong as the homes being built. Before engaging a builder the developer is going to learn as much as possible about their financial portfolio particularly their cash flow management. They will examine assets, liabilities, debt ratio (P&L statements), the builder’s credit rating, and history. The developer needs to be assured that the builder can deliver and has a proven track record with strong financial DNA. Sub-contractors will also be reviewed to insure 3rd party compliance and conformity with the developer’s design and desire for each home.

The developer will do a deep dive into the perspective builders’ portfolio, practices, product, and operations. On-site inspections of current projects, review of available house plans, past project neighborhood tours, home design, BBB listings, and complaints, as well as any reviews, will be thoroughly examined. The developer is looking at the quality and finish of the builder’s work. A developer births a neighborhood from inception to build so when it’s time to build they are in essence entrusting the builders with their “baby”. The developer will also want to know about the builder’s on-site agents and if they are members of the National Association of Realtors.

A neighborhood with multiple builders provides healthy competition for homebuyers and a variety of styles from which to compare and choose. Single builder developments are popular but all too often every home, or street looks the same. Developments with multiple builders may share principles and guidelines from the developer but each home is unique in design, aesthetics, and function, whether it’s the layout of the lot, a deck, screened-in porch, basement, dormer windows, entry doors, trey ceilings, etc.

The Randolph Group uses its 25-year history and experience to select a neighborhood’s builders. This experience reaches beyond the Upstate and therefore allows relationships to be created with builders considering the Greenville market as a place to conduct business. As a developer of multiple completed and active residential neighborhoods, The Randolph Group seeks long term relationships across multiple communities with quality builders rather than a single experience. The long term relationships as with any business foster loyalty and commitment to defined standards.

The Randolph Group vets every builder for O’Neal Village and we have high expectations for compliance to neighborhood standards even to the point of site clean up and maintenance during construction for the convenience of our current residents. O’Neal Village is proud to offer quality crafted homes from three builders. Visit their websites, tour the models, and the neighborhood to see why O’Neal Village needs to be your next home.

Crescent Homes
Crescent Homes was started in 2009 by Ted Terry, a 5th generation homebuilder with a vision and passion for designing and building homes that evoke the charm of the Lowcountry. Crescent is a locally owned company based in Charleston, South Carolina. Crescent supports local communities by donating $250 to a local charity from every home sold in the Charleston, Greenville, and Middle Tennessee communities in which they serve. Crescent offers a variety of floorplans and options from Chef’s kitchen upgrades to extra garage space.

Crescent Model Home at O’Neal Village:
121 Noble Street, Greer, SC 29651

Sabal Homes
Sabal Homes bring 50+ years of home building experience and a proven track record to O’Neal Village. Sabal Homes is a Toll Brothers company the largest publicly traded homebuilder in the U.S. They are consistently ranked in the top 10 luxury home builders in the U.S. The Sabal Homes division has carved out a niche in the South Carolina market with quality construction, vibrant colors and a Low Country feel. There are many options in the Sabal Home portfolio to choose from. Sabal offers thirteen, floor plans with custom options.

Office at O’Neal Village

SK Builders
SK Builders have served the Upstate for over 25 years with a commitment to quality craftsmanship, efficient design, and customer satisfaction. SK Builders has been awarded the Best of the Upstate award in the local home builder category multiple times. Attention to detail, customer service, and quality craftsmanship frame their story. Some of the O’Neal Village home features available Smart Home Manager, finished garage and upgrade paint packages, cultured marble countertops, irrigation, and Garden tubs with a separate shower.

Office at O’Neal Village
201 Daystrom Drive, Greer, SC 29651

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