O’Neal Village is a traditional neighborhood with active and committed neighbors near Greenville, O’Neal Village features new single-family homes and townhomes ranging from the $180s to $300s with compatible, neo-traditional styles, as well as office/retail space. The community preserves the beauty of the Upstate and features generous amenities such as a central park, resort-style swimming pool, amphitheater with open-air pavilion, pocket parks, children’s play area, fitness center, enclosed dog park and sidewalks throughout. The location in Greer provides convenient access to Greenville, Spartanburg, major universities including Clemson, and medical centers including Prisma Health, Bon Secours and Spartanburg Regional Health.

The heartbeat of the community is the residents. Young married couples, families, empty-nesters, active adults and a diverse variety of people set O’Neal Village apart from other communities in Greer. In the coming months, we will be sharing the stories of residents and their perspectives on living in O’Neal Village.

We are kicking off this new feature of our residents with HOA Advisory Board President, Rhonda Studebaker who is actively involved in the community.

Rhonda, how long have you lived in ONV, and what attracted you to purchase a home here?
We have lived in ONV for 7 ½ years. We ran into ONV by accident. We were here because my husband had a job interview and we were driving around. I was actually looking for a different neighborhood and we stopped here. There were only about 15 houses built at the time. I asked the sales lady where the biggest lot in the neighborhood was and she took me to where I live now.

Tell us briefly about your immediate family:
My husband, Jason, and I are originally from Ohio. We grew up together and have been married for almost 23 years. We have a 21-year daughter Tabby, who is a Business Management Major at Clemson, and a 16-year-old son Brandon, who is a junior and plays varsity football as a wide receiver at Blue Ridge High School. Jason is an engineer at BMW. I recently started my own Bookkeeping business and returned to school to become an Enrolled Agent. If that wasn’t enough, I decided to partner with Common Cents Accounting Firm.

What do you love about the community and why is it such a great place to live? I love that ONV is a community, close-knit, and neighbors always willing to help one another. ONV has great amenities, beautiful landscaping and the serenity of the neighborhood is like no other. Neighbors become friends, friends become family.

What’s community life like in ONV?
We probably have one of the best community lives around. We have huge turnouts for our food trucks, pool parties, fireplace gatherings, and concerts that I’ve ever seen. They just keep getting better.

In your mind is ONV a neighborhood, or a community? Explain and why?
We are a community. In a neighborhood, you walk by someone’s house and say hi and keep walking. In ONV, you walk by someone’s house, you stop and have a 30-minute conversation about your family, their family, the weather, etc. Then, you continue to walk and maybe walk another ½ block and you repeat the process again. A 20-minute walk takes 2 hours. Last year, another homeowner started a meal train for a homeowner who was going through treatment for stage IV breast cancer. She had enough meals for her family for almost a month, among other things. Someone is always ready to lend a hand whether they know you or not.

What sets the community apart from other neighborhoods or communities?
I can’t really speak for other communities in SC. In Ohio, they were neighborhoods. Blocks were communities. You didn’t have entire neighborhoods “commune” together to meet and share stories and care about one another. There is a well-rounded mix of people living in ONV.

What about safety, accessibility to shopping, retail, and doctors?
We have a relatively safe neighborhood. We recently implemented a neighborhood watch group. We also pinpointed some potential areas that could attract unwanted visitors. ONV is located minutes from Greer but if you are interested in all that Greenville has to offer, it is worth the extra time to drive there. One thing about the growth in Greenville County, there is plenty of local shopping.

You have a unique perspective as the HOA President and having watched ONV develop. Tell us how residents have input with the HOA, the interaction, and support of the developer for the community and HOA?
I don’t think we have as much input as we could from residents. Residents are not typically as verbal face-to-face with the HOA. They like to voice their concerns on a forum, such as our Facebook Page. They like to know though that the developer is getting the communication. They like to see progress and change on a subject that is concerning to them. If it is something that myself, the HOA Advisory Board, and our management company, HPS cannot fix, they like to know that we can communicate with the developer effectively. TRG Communities is always responsive to our questions, ideas and input. We enjoy a great relationship and community support with our developer.

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